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Handheld PCB Surface Copper Thickness Gauge    Model:mm615

 液晶顯示   SCP-15探測頭


  milum mm615 rechargeable battery operated handheld surface copper thickness measurement gage. Compensation feature allows this gage to measure printed circuit board surface copper thickness giving very accurate and stable results.

    It can measure before and after etched PC boards surface copper.

    The unique design and simple operating display allows the user to understand everything fully at a glance.

    SCP-15 is a special surface copper measuring probe, with different tip positioning choice which can rapidly and precisely measure PCB surface copper thickness.


  Micro-resistance : Laminate Copper, Copper foil, single, double or multilayer PCB


  PCB manufacturers and buyers

Characteristics :  

  Optimum design using simple and friendly operating interface     

  Micro-resistance principle

  Multifunction clear display, simple to operate

  Backlight bright LCD display

  Compensation feature to meet product standard

  Set High and Low limits to detect when out of specification

  Very simple to use and convenient to carry around

  Can measure in mil or um

  Single standard calibration

  Selection of different probe tips based on measuring area

  Uses push and pull plug probe connector

  Replaceable probe tip design

  USB interface for computer download

  Rechargeable long life battery, economic and environmental


Measure Range

0.01~8mil (0.25~200um)


± 1% (based on Standard)


1~3 digits (Fixed)

Board Thickness Limit

No restriction


15,000 readings


(L) 130mm / (W) 70mm / (H)30mm

Data Output



210 grams (not including protective case)


 9V rechargeable Ni-MH battery, AC adapter included

Battery Life

1,000 times recharge

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